Mobile Devices (Phones) Top Ten 2014

Hello. This blog is going to be a little shorter than usual because I am doing something that I don’t do often. A top ten list! That’s right, as you can see from the title, I am doing a top ten list for cell phones of 2014. I love how far cell phones have come from 2000 to 2015. They have advanced in technology so much and I love looking at phones and keeping up with the latest and greatest in the mobile entertainment industry. Without further adieu, my top ten!

Coming in at number 10, Apple iPhone 5s: It offers a great quality display, and its affordable. Number 9 is the Apple Iphone 6 Plus: it offers a beutiful high-quality design. Number 8 is the HTC Desire Eye: features a 13-megapixel front facing camera. Number 7 is the Sony Xperia Z3 compact: it has flagship power. Number 6 is the LG G3 and it has smart functionality. Number 5 is the Motorola Moto X: it has good battery performance. Number 4 is the Sony Xperia Z3: features a 5.2 inch display. Number 3 is the Samsung Galaxy Note 4: it is simply sensational. Number 2 is the HTC One (M8): it has an excellent design. Number 1 is the Apple Iphone 6: features everything a quality smartphone of 2014 could want, its just the best phone out there.

I hope you enjoyed my top ten list of smartphones


The Little Things

As I walked home from school the other day, I felt more bored than I usually did on the way home. Sure, the buses would go by, the birds would sing, the grass would dance in wind, any other cliche personification, you name it. But what I came to realize that day is that if you listen hard enough, see closely enough, and really immerse yourself in your surroundings, you hear things, see things, and feel things you wouldn’t normally feel. If you zone everything out and just think about the future, there never truly is a “present,” a “now.” Just as some people might be “living in the past,” many people of today are doing just the opposite: living in the future. It’s typical of students today, as well as most people, to constantly be preparing for the future and worrying about things. Unfortunately, they, as in us, can find themselves all wound up in this future living for most of their lives. From my realization that day, walking home from school, I’ve tried more and more every day to live in the present, to not worry so much about the future, and to not dwell on the past. There’s a time and place for such things, and every day is not the time, nor is every place that place.



Over the break I’ve been relaxing and trying to enjoy myself. I didn’t really want to think about school and I didn’t, so mission accomplished right? Well, with my relaxing I played a lot of games, hung out with my friends, and watched t.v. During this I witnessed and came across many different kinds of our three main interests: comedy, art, and technology. I wanted to talk about these in a blog post because they had to do with everything I did over the break pretty much. Continue reading

Class Qualities: Curiosity

Curiosity. What makes someone curious? Well, there are actually many factors that contribute to one’s curiosity. First let’s start with what curiosity actually is. Curiosity is a quality related to inquisitive thinking such as exploration, investigation, and learning. Curiosity can also represent a thirst for knowledge when discussing the emotional background it has. Now let’s get to some of the factors that can cause and or contribute to curiosity. A lot of what curiosity is derived from is just a simple, innate, basic emotion that comes from wanting something. When we want something or want to know something, we become relatively curious. Continue reading

Class Qualities: Collaboration

Collaboration has always been a big part of my life and it’s one of my favorite things to do at school also. I’ve been a part of many sporting activities and performing arts and being good at collaborating is a key to success in any group activity. The publishing house project is an example of where collaboration. Let’s look at the individual jobs of each member, shall we. Continue reading

Class Qualities: Assiduousness

I’m going to be completely honest here, working in these publishing house groups aren’t the easiest thing. There is so much to do sometimes and the publishing house is the last thing on your mind. Creating blog posts, making essays, revising essays, having mini group discussions everyday can get pretty tedious. I try to be as assiduous as possible when it comes to times like these because this is a great quality to have. Now this is probably one of the newer qualities I’m trying to apprehend, so sometimes it doesn’t always work out; although I have noticed that everyday is getting a bit easier to complete. Continue reading

Big Red

Hi, I am the webmaster of our group and I was chosen to take this position for multiple reasons. First off, the first Lego I chose was blue, therefore meaning that my first choice of skill would be organization.Our current group leader also chose the blue Lego and we all decided that Edward should do it, and I was completely cool with that! Secondly, I chose the Lego that represented the social media category. Our current leader of social media chose the social media Lego as his first choice, so our group unanimously voted upon Victor being our social media guy. Since I chose these two Legos, we decided that I should be the one to do the webmaster job because it is sort of a blend of the two, so I said, “Sure, why not?” Continue reading