Chamber of Reflection

I’ve officially gone meta – a blog about blogging. Instead of analyzing films, music, and video games or aspects of life through blogging, I am using blogging to analyze blogging. Blogging has always been something of an interesting concept for me. I’ve never blogged before this year, yet I am regretful for not starting earlier, as it has opened my eyes to a whole new medium of expression.


The most important and fascinating part of blogging is my inherent ability to talk about whatever I please. That’s it. There are no set limitations, no prompts or word limit, no central idea which I have to adhere to. Unless stated otherwise for an assignment, blogging is purely up to my choice. And with that free choice, I use and have used blogging as a chamber, a chamber of reflection. It is private enough for me to articulate my most personal thoughts yet open enough to allow discussion and the opinion of others. Blogging is a vehicle for stories to tell, thoughts to be laid out, emotions to be compiled.

Many use blogging in place of a diary, but I view blogging akin to making films. Each blog is deliberate and intricate, requiring thought. Many may not end up being to your expectation, but every once in a while you are driven by passion to create one you love, and the end result is one to be proud of. And like making films, blogging never fails to return and reciprocate what you put into it.

– Edward


Post-AP Stress

It’s amazing yet hard to comprehend that my junior year in high school is nearly over. At too many points it felt too drawn out, too stressful, too unbearable. Yet, all I have is regret for it now, as the final three weeks approach quicker and quicker. I could’ve done more, I could’ve used my time more wisely. Personally, it isn’t until a school year is near-over when I realize how fast life moves, and that’s an unfortunate fact. On the flip side, this post-AP testing stress is comforting, ironically. It’s a different type of stress, not one of tests and homework but rather creating.


Photo ©2014 by Edward Fahman [CC BY 2.0]

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Why I Dislike Drafting

Being an AP English student and an advocate for the role of English classes in education, it is seemingly antithetical for me to say that I dislike drafting. Drafting is held in high regard in any if not all mediums of art, but what I specifically dislike is English drafting, the kind typical of English classes. This thin ice that I am treading by stating my distaste for drafting is the essence of me as a writer.


Photo ©2006 by churl [CC BY-NC-ND 2.0]

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Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number

Not many games have impacted me as much as Hotline Miami has. It was an eye-opener of what video games signified to me and what they could provide. Hotline Miami introduced me to the dedication put into indie video games, a whole new genre of music I never knew I enjoyed, and countless hours of entertainment. So it would be a given that I had high expectations for its sequel, Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number. And fortunately, Wrong Number exceeded my expectations, and more.

Hotline Miami 2

This is a screenshot from my Steam library. For background information, I finished Hotline Miami with all of its achievements unlocked at a whopping 35 hours, given that it was only at maximum a 3-4 hour run the first time through. Yet, I’ve spent 6 hours the first time through Wrong Number, and am barely scratching the surface for completely finishing it. It is not only longer, but also more substantial. The levels are more expansive, the music more unique (when I thought the original’s couldn’t be topped), and the gameplay more exciting. Despite my gushing though, there are definitely areas where the original overshadows Wrong Number.

Many times the gameplay can be more frustrating than the original. Since the levels are grander, enemies offscreen will easily cause your demise without you having time to react. In a game which rewards careful timing and preparation as well as quick execution and efficiency, this is a glaring issue. Also, many of the enemies can be bugged, causing frustrating, unnecessary deaths, leading to the grand levels feeling drawn out.

Yet, despite these problems with Wrong Number, it manages in achieving what I wanted from a sequel to Hotline Miami: more of the same, but better. It’s great to see Wrong Number do something right.

– Edward

San Diego, San Diego

I had the luckiest opportunity this past weekend, the ability to travel to San Diego with incredible people to not only attend a convention, but also to explore and engage in a setting vastly different from my home. While the convention itself, hosted Student Television Network, was amazing in and of itself, it was San Diego which stole the show.


Photo ©2015 by Edward Fahman [CC BY 2.0]

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Calvin and Hobbes (Part 1)

Ever since I was a child, I’ve always had a strong fascination to comics. They allowed me to escape into the world of alternate realities which the made duller moments of childhood such as waiting for my mom to buy groceries or brushing my teeth infinitely more interesting. However, it was Calvin and Hobbes which I was the most engrossed by, in contrast to the caped crusaders and superheroes like Batman and Spider-Man which were more popular among my peers. Bill Watterson’s comics were so engaging not only in their visual aspect, which was minimalistic yet powerful (and became a model for my own comics), but also in their stories. Watterson was able to breathe life through simple panels into characters that I could relate to, learn from, and love.


Photo ©2013 by Sean Davis [CC BY-ND 2.0]

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3 A.M.

Productivity is a fickle matter for me, personally. There are vast amounts of days where I feel the afternoons draw themselves out like messy sketches and I hardly finish anything productive. There are those lazy mornings which instill me with a false sense of boundless amount of time and I end up dawdling through them. But, without fail, the moments which provide me with boundless productivity are the late nights.

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