There and Back Again

I recently had the chance to go back “home” again, to visit the curb which my friends and I shared our multitude of experiences. Unlike before, the atmosphere of the mini-plaza was completely different, yet the same nostalgic feeling remained with me as my friends and I sat ourselves on the hard, familiar, concrete.10550987_842381225804218_1201895263978543928_n Continue reading


The Not-Very-Comprehensive Lists of 2014

“Top 10” lists are something of an oddity for me. I prefer not to rank things I enjoy, because many times I enjoy them for their differences, not according to an objective scale. So rather, I’d like to use my three “Top 10” lists for 2014 to showcase what I’ve continued to enjoy or what I’ve discovered and appreciated, all organized in arbitrary manner. With my spiel out of the way, I present my lists for…

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Veni, Vidi, Vici: The Raid 2 & 13 Ghosts II

Following my previous post on Gone Girl, I am continuing my analysis of my interactions with movies and music with The Raid 2 and 13 Ghosts II, respectively. Unlike Gone Girl, the experience I had with these two pieces of art were in the comfort of my own home.


– Spoilers will follow –

Unlike most films I watch, I came across The Raid 2 very unexpectedly. It was mentioned here and there on Reddit’s movie subreddit, yet had much praise. With no knowledge of the first film or the series in general, I jumped straight into the second movieraid-2_675x1000. Continue reading

ZapCast: The Buzz of Fountain Valley

Doing my first podcast with my friends on Sunday opened my eyes to the potential of technology. In a Skype group with 4 of my fellow ZapCasters discussing the Scarlet Letter, I felt I was actually sitting in front of them hearing their opinions and reflections. In actuality, I was staring at their smiling profile picture surrounded by glowing blue boxes every time they spoke. The real conversation was being transmitted through a tube.


Sparking our interests and our thoughts in ZapCast

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The Curb

“This single, lonely curb near a local family-run boba shop was my “bridge,” the place where i was in my element, despite its lackluster features and location in such an empty mini-plaza.”

Writing “The Curb” was difficult for me, personally. I had no idea how to approach the task of writing a descriptive essay, and all I had was “The Bridge” as a reference and my special curb as the subject So I began to connect fingers and keyboard and create words in a structure akin to those of “The Bridge.” Although this first draft felt like my final draft – which I feel is the trend among my essays – there is still room for creativity. To revise my descriptive essay, i could adjust the ratio of “concrete to abstract” to not leave the reader asking more questions than answered. Also, I could find a different or alternative way to structure the essay, whether it be completely changing the format or arranging paragraphs to be less similar to those of “The Bridge.” Continue reading

Veni, Vidi, Vici: Gone Girl

“I came, I saw, I conquered” – Julius Caesar.

Never before has a quote perfectly captured how I’ve felt recently about the way I interact with some of my favorite activities: watching movies and listening to music. Both of these can be done passively, in the background, with another task at hand. However, to truly experience a movie or a song is to set aside time for it (I came), completely immerse yourself into it (I saw), and take away something meaningful (I conquered). To explain my experience with this process, I will highlight people or things which have left an impact on me in one way or another, starting with the movie Gone Girl.

Photo ©2008 by bareform [CC BY-NC-SA 2.0]

Photo ©2008 by bareform [CC BY-NC-SA 2.0] Beyerdynamic DT 770s, my favorite way to immerse myself into the world of movies and music.

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