The Top 10 Digital Video Cameras of (not really) 2014

Every single year, there are a load of new cameras that come out that are geared towards many different consumers. This list will be geared more towards the video capabilities of last year’s (or not so last year’s) digital cameras. In addition, I won’t take into account price, only the performance of each camera.

*The order of the list is in no way indicative of whether one is better than the other, though, I believe the Arri Alexa to be the best.*

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INTERSTELLAR: The Experience

Recently, one of the group members and I took it upon ourselves to go see Christopher Nolan’s newly released movie,¬†Interstellar.

In the movie, a global food shortage and second Dust Bowl are slowly but steadily causing conditions on Earth to become uninhabitable, setting forth a search to the stars for a new planet that will possibly save the human race. Continue reading

The Architect


What is my purpose in this library? Well, I am the one that works to design and construct the place in its ever changing manner, so I have been given the title “The Architect.” I work day to day shaping and reshaping the structure and design of the library to ensure a seamless workflow for the other librarians. Continue reading