Learning and Technology: Friends Yet Enemies

In the post-industrial society we live in today, technology seemingly overruns our lives. From working a stressful job to relaxing on the couch, technology is at the core of everything we do. This stands true for school as well; in fact it is especially prominent in the lives of students. In order for them to write essays or blogs, they need computers and internet. To research for a project, they also need a computer. Although it’s never been officially stated, technology is now a requirement for a successful education and learning experience.

Technology is very useful for students, and is one of the most important tools available to them, if not the most important. Computers provide rapid information with little to no cost or time investment, whereas using a dictionary or encyclopedia would take a good amount of time to pull out and look through. This is very helpful for students that are taking a heavy course load since they need all the time they can get to work.

Photo @2013 by Mervi Eskelinen [CC by 2.0]

Photo @2013 by Mervi Eskelinen [CC by 2.0]

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The Evolution of Technology

As I was reading through my APUSH (Advance Placement United States History), I came across the progression of America and how we came from this rural area to all of the sudden urban life style. Now this came to remind me how how things were back in the day when we once started with farming, but now all the sudden in modern day tech we come to have all these ways of producing food. This idea of how much we’ve grown is still astounding to me. Then as I transition to reading my English books such as Great Gatsby, and I thought to myself. Could this happen?  Continue reading

The Top 10 Digital Video Cameras of (not really) 2014

Every single year, there are a load of new cameras that come out that are geared towards many different consumers. This list will be geared more towards the video capabilities of last year’s (or not so last year’s) digital cameras. In addition, I won’t take into account price, only the performance of each camera.

*The order of the list is in no way indicative of whether one is better than the other, though, I believe the Arri Alexa to be the best.*

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My Top Ten Smartphones

Hey what is up guys! A Lot of smartphones come out every year and 2014 is no exception. Something I wanna give you guys is my personal favorite smartphones of 2014 all with a special feature of why it was selected. Now the phones aren’t given in any specific order however they are all my top 10 phones that I would pick if you were interested in upgrading your phone. Continue reading

Mobile Devices (Phones) Top Ten 2014

Hello. This blog is going to be a little shorter than usual because I am doing something that I don’t do often. A top ten list! That’s right, as you can see from the title, I am doing a top ten list for cell phones of 2014. I love how far cell phones have come from 2000 to 2015. They have advanced in technology so much and I love looking at phones and keeping up with the latest and greatest in the mobile entertainment industry. Without further adieu, my top ten!

Coming in at number 10, Apple iPhone 5s: It offers a great quality display, and its affordable. Number 9 is the Apple Iphone 6 Plus: it offers a beutiful high-quality design. Number 8 is the HTC Desire Eye: features a 13-megapixel front facing camera. Number 7 is the Sony Xperia Z3 compact: it has flagship power. Number 6 is the LG G3 and it has smart functionality. Number 5 is the Motorola Moto X: it has good battery performance. Number 4 is the Sony Xperia Z3: features a 5.2 inch display. Number 3 is the Samsung Galaxy Note 4: it is simply sensational. Number 2 is the HTC One (M8): it has an excellent design. Number 1 is the Apple Iphone 6: features everything a quality smartphone of 2014 could want, its just the best phone out there.

I hope you enjoyed my top ten list of smartphones