Arc 1: Things Get Real

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“Old man says he received the information in an email from his informant, Jacob.  He says he fears for his life as he is in possession of something he can’t send over the net. He has it on a small data drive.” said Drem as he grabs his two handguns.

“Asshole didn’t say what he has on there that is so important?” Continue reading


Arc 1 Goes Off!

Photo @2010 by Jonas Seaman [CC BY 2.0]

Photo @2010 by Jonas Seaman [CC BY 2.0]

Hey guys!! still going on with my Arc 1 story!! hopefully you guys continue to like it!

“Rumor has it from many sets of ears that a man has arrived here on Terra and in Prime.”

“Your ears hear about one man? Prime has hundreds of thousands going in and out. What makes this one special?”

“He comes here with the intent to kill me. As you noticed, I’ve already raised security here. I only have one lead. I’ve already informed Drem of the matter. He has all the details on the lead.”

“I’m to find one man on Terra who wants to kill you? I can easily go to the ‘lows’ and find many. What makes this one anymore of a threat? With the shit that you’ve done, many would want you dead.”

“He is a former Government Advocacy Agent. Same as you.”

Chap. 2: The Lows

The Celer lands upon a pad for another residential complex for the well privileged citizens of Prime. Upon exiting the craft, Sota grabs a duffel bag from a compartment in the 350R. He continues to cross the narrow bridge that separates Sota from life and death. As the end of the bridge is near, a set of doors open to reveal a five foot, nine inch male of caucasian descent and pale skin. The figure expresses himself in a suit and tie that is much like that of a Fortune 500 CEO. Sota approaches him with no signs of hesitation.

“The old man said you were on your way. I saw your piece of shit 350 come in on the radar.”

“Did he wake you up at a piss poor time as well?” grinned Sota.

“Yeah, old geezer had me looking at this information since I got home from that dump you call a nightclub. Did you even at least fuck her?”

“Drem, you know I would only just tease her.” Sota winks back at Drem as he lets out a slight laugh.

“Your dick would say otherwise, right?” the two kept a relaxed atmosphere as they walk into Drem’s residence. The room is in an apartment suite similar to that of Sota’s residential tower. As they enter his den, the numerous pieces of both modern weaponry and technology littered the tables and floor.

Arch 1 flight continues!

Hey guys! Wanted to continue with this fan fiction of mine just to get some opinions or views! If you haven’t read any of the prior post about Arch 1! I suggest you go back to view it before reading this one to understand it!

Photo @2013 by James Vaughan [CC BY 2.0]

Photo @2013 by James Vaughan [CC BY 2.0]

Approaching the cockpit on the port side. Sota was able to enter the cockpit by releasing the hatch through the usage of a special watch. The Celer has been directly linked through a signal broadcasted by both the watch and the ship.

Inside the Celer popped numerous holographic 3D displays and HUDs with detailed information on the ship’s navigations, statuses, instruments and many details that allowed the user a plethora of information. Instead of grabbing the joystick in the middle, Sota had his arms crossed and stared onward. “Take me to Senator Costigan’s Penthouse.” commanded Sorta.

“System Acknowledged, plotting course for Senator Costigan’s Penthouse.” replied Celer’s navigation voice. Continue reading

Arc 1 Continues!

Hey guys if you haven’t read my last post, be sure to check it out so you can understand this post! Hopefully you continue to like this.

in the narrows of a long hallway, contained multiple symmetrical doors that were evenly placed. These doors had a distinct flat plain look to them. As their purpose was to simply stay put or to slide to the side as an entity would move through. Sota unlocks his door by simply touching a series of colors that appear in a panel. This sparked the door to swing open almost instantly. The colors all around had a tan look with an elegant red carpet marking the hallway as if it were expensive. Stepping through the gate that unlocks his home, Sota makes his way to the south end of the hallway. As his perfect distance between each step draws him closer, his eyes were locked onto the two large distinct glass panels that formed a rectangular shaped at the end of the hall. Markings of white letters and numbers appeared to constantly change on the doorway. Continue reading