The Architect


What is my purpose in this library? Well, I am the one that works to design and construct the place in its ever changing manner, so I have been given the title “The Architect.” I work day to day shaping and reshaping the structure and design of the library to ensure a seamless workflow for the other librarians. Continue reading


Tick of the Clock

Hello, I am the Bookkeeper of The Librarians, or the manager of our Publishing House. I am in charge of ensuring the group is in line, completing their work, and contributing to advancing our blog and eventual book. I chose the blue Lego, resembling organization. Since that is my strength, I stepped forward to take the position of Bookkeeper. Filmmakers and films in general inspire me in the art of managing, because of how organized and efficiently people and productions need to be in order to get the job done, and well. However, this is very difficult and requires a strong leader, who shoulders many responsibilities, leading to stress. Continue reading

Big Red

Hi, I am the webmaster of our group and I was chosen to take this position for multiple reasons. First off, the first Lego I┬áchose was blue, therefore meaning that my first choice of skill would be organization.Our current group leader also chose the blue Lego and we all decided that Edward should do it, and I was completely cool with that! Secondly, I chose the Lego that represented the social media category. Our current leader of social media chose the social media Lego as his first choice, so our group unanimously voted upon Victor being our social media guy. Since I chose these two Legos, we decided that I should be the one to do the webmaster job because it is sort of a blend of the two, so I said, “Sure, why not?” Continue reading

Lego Team

When we first got into our groups, in some way we’ve affiliated ourselves already prior. When discussing our roles, we all basically picked the same colors which forced us to assign roles. Now I ended up picking the role of handling the social media. This was due to my interest in the frequency of how much I post compared to the others. We all knew our strengths and our “not so enjoyable” task, Continue reading

Our Start

At the beginning of class, we were all told to form a group of around four to six students that we would be working with for many months to come. We all felt pretty good about our group, considering that we all knew each other or knew of each other in some form or another. I’ve known Edward and Bryan since elementary school, Tanner is in band with me, and I’ve had a few classes with Victor in the past. Continue reading