Why I Dislike Drafting

Being an AP English student and an advocate for the role of English classes in education, it is seemingly antithetical for me to say that I dislike drafting. Drafting is held in high regard in any if not all mediums of art, but what I specifically dislike is English drafting, the kind typical of English classes. This thin ice that I am treading by stating my distaste for drafting is the essence of me as a writer.


Photo ©2006 by churl [CC BY-NC-ND 2.0]

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The Curb

“This single, lonely curb near a local family-run boba shop was my “bridge,” the place where i was in my element, despite its lackluster features and location in such an empty mini-plaza.”

Writing “The Curb” was difficult for me, personally. I had no idea how to approach the task of writing a descriptive essay, and all I had was “The Bridge” as a reference and my special curb as the subject So I began to connect fingers and keyboard and create words in a structure akin to those of “The Bridge.” Although this first draft felt like my final draft – which I feel is the trend among my essays – there is still room for creativity. To revise my descriptive essay, i could adjust the ratio of “concrete to abstract” to not leave the reader asking more questions than answered. Also, I could find a different or alternative way to structure the essay, whether it be completely changing the format or arranging paragraphs to be less similar to those of “The Bridge.” Continue reading