Words..the strongest expression

Photo @2013 by James Vaughan [CC BY 2.0]

Photo @2013 by James Vaughan [CC BY 2.0]

In a world where we live on trust and hope. Many of us don’t realize it, but the things we say can affect our actions. Sure one may be able to argue that the action matters more than the word, but think of it this way. The words are the instigators in what may lead toward your actions. This is almost like catcher in the rye. As even Holden as well use his words to fight the needs for actions. Throughout the book. Holden is like many ordinary man, faces sexual urges throughout the book. As though he feels that having sex would only mean that it turns her into a object. Though he still has those urges. Even gotten close when Sunny came over to his house. However despite his want to take actions. He uses his words and pushes her away. This ultimately shows how he wants to preserve the innocence he had as well as showing that with the use of his words, he was able to prevent the action. We can also see this throughout the book seeing that Holden often times wants to stay innocent. We can see that through the fact that he’s often obsessed with the idea of being innocent. We don’t know exactly why but we definitely know that he’s come from a rough path going all the way from allies death, to his hate towards sexual intercourse. The way he expresses his words as well always lead up to his actions as we can see when he talks to his sister about going to the Museum. The place where nothing changes, and wanting to meet his sister there also truly indicates   how his words also goes through his actions as he’s constantly displaying how he never wants to grow up and he wants to remain young. Now only is this seen in the Catcher In the Rye, but as well as well in real modern times. According to police reports released from LAPD, many of the more than 64% of suicides first start out with simple words on face book or in real life. Though as the situation escalates  the person ends up taking the action and committing suicide. Taking for granted this is a very tragic event. Though many more people pay attention to action than words. Many tend to forget that the words are what instigate the actions and that may be one of the causes towards suicide. Words have always been something that has been undermined, but using words has often been a technique of foreshadowing what’s to come in the future. Such as in works in Greek mythology has it been such a impact. One especially dealing with the the story of Achilles. When he sacked the temple of Apollo, he was told that one day the God would strike back. Though Achilles being the man he is. He took that three and he screamed out “STRIKE ME RIGHT NOW!!.” However the God waited until the day the Greeks finally took over the city of troy, During that process, Paris took out his arrow and through his arms and strength did Apollo give him the accuracy to strike him in the foot, ultimately ending his life. Ultimately all together when exploring the significance of words and action. It’s very true that words may not mean as much as the action. Though this doesn’t mean we should ignore that instigator towards the leading action. This is ultimately what we should pay attention to rather than the action. As a quote from a man that is well known man “word can be the rise, but can be the fall.” Being in this class has taught me many things. Taught me more than the simple routine of a ordinary class. I no longer show up to class, with my homework done, and assignments done. I’m doing more now, I’m looking for purpose within my assignments, and seeing the improvement on working on these essays and growing closer to many of my classmates has really developed an environment that I’ve really grown to like, but tomorrow being my last day has really been quite depressing the past few days. Though if there’s something I would want to improve on for the future is that sometimes I felt as if sometimes the instructions were too vague and I very often had to ask my peers for guidance in exactly what to do for the assignment.


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