Arch one goes!

“What the poop, man, I’m on edge right now and you loser pull this poop on me. We’re on the same side.” barked Jacobs.

“We have to take our precautions, we weren’t sure if you’ve been compromised.”

“I’m about to be if you guys don’t take this poop off my hands and get me off Terra as soon as possible. Tell that bastard Costigan that if he wants to stay in office, hes gotta get me off this poop hole planet.” demanded Jacobs as he hands Drem the 3 inch data drive.

“Who is it this time that wants you dead?” demanded Drem.

“You buttheads don’t get it still do you? All of it is right there in the-” as Jacob’s last breath is cursing at Sota and Drem, a sound of impact strikes at Jacobs temple. The red mist ejaculates out Jacob’s eye. He had been shot through his eye straight from the back. As the first shot makes contact, the second shot has already been fired and strikes Sota in the lower abdomen. A loud cry of pain is heard from Jacobs as he screams while a waterfall from his empty socket continues to pour out a crimson tide. The third shot is about to be fired but before it is able to strike its target true, both Sota and Drem leap for the Ramen Bar. Sota jumps over the counter top bar as civilians run in terror along with the chef that was behind the bar.

From the street, a four wheeled car is stopped right in the middle, parallel to the Ramen Bar and the alley next to it. The car windows are down with orange muzzle flashes constantly lighting up. The small forces of death escaping the vehicle hit the Ramen Bar repeatedly. The muzzle then turns to Jacobs who struggles to crawl into safety.


Another pair of metal and kinetic energy strike into Jacob’s sides. Another scream is heard. Sota tries to look over the bar top but is stopped by the swarm of metal bees that continue to strike at the Ramen Bar’s wooden top.

“Litsen! I… I cannut die hurrh. I don’t-” said Jacobs as he attempts to tell Sota who is only a mere 8 feet away. He is interrupted by the blood that continues to escape up his throat.

“Shut up loser and stop moving, before they think you’re still alive!” screamed Drem who has been trying to get a shot back at the vehicle. “This is India two to the Nest!” said Drem to his collar mic.

“This is the Nest, go ahead India Two.” replied a calm collected monotone voice.

“India Two is pinned down on Mitsurugi and seventh in the oriental district. Requesting support!” demanded Drem as he attempts to get another view on the vehicle only to be denied sight.