Summer Plans and Books

Well, it’s been an interesting year so far, and with that said, I’m definitely ready for summer. For once, I have a plan this summer too. I’ve recently picked up a book series, a series I won’t name as to not infringe copyright laws of course, but I can assure you it is an interesting one. Although it’s gonna be quite the challenge, I plan on reading the entire 5,000 page series this summer. Is this a good decision? Probably not.

Photo @2015 by Sharon & Nikki McCutcheon [CC BY 2.0]

Photo @2015 by Sharon & Nikki McCutcheon [CC BY 2.0]

The main question I’m trying to get across is whether or not it’s more enjoyable to read a series all at once or savor it by reading over a longer period of time. In my opinion, it changes based on the book one is reading. If it is an action-packed book, I would probably read it quickly as to not lose momentum and to more easily keep up with the story. Not only does doing this keep the action in your head, it also creates a sense of personal involvement. However, longer and more sentimental books should be given more time. Books like the one we’re currently reading, Catcher in the Rye, need more time for understanding and receiving the meaning behind each word. Rather than the book just having a usual plot, it has one but it isn’t really the focus of the book. Instead, it is the underlying notions and themes that make Catcher in the Rye such a classic and famous novel. The series I’m planning on reading this summer is somewhat of a mix between the two, so I’ve decided I would read it fast so I can catch up to my friend who initially recommended it to me. Not only will this allow me to be able to talk about it with him, but I would also be able to read online discussions about the series without fear of having something spoiled for me. That’s another strange concept: spoilers. Although we want to know what happens in books, we want the answers to come at the pace the author set for us; otherwise, the book is essentially ruined for the reader. Books are strange things, but I like it that way.

– Bryan Clements


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