I love Studying

Every high school student I know would look at me like I’m a freak if I told them that I love to study. Why is everybody appalled to this statement? If we all learned to love studying and love gaining knowledge everybody would do increasingly well in school or in any studies. It’s that simple. I can attribute all of my recent success in school to my love for studying. It’s been so much easier to get better grades and it’s made my life in school so much fun. I’ve in met many new friends! I love studying because it’s relaxing, stress-relieving, and fun.

Photo @2006 by Steven S. [CC BY 2.0]

Photo @2006 by Steven S. [CC BY 2.0]

We’ve all heard about the people in the world that love snuggling up with books and a blanket and then they read the night away. Well, that’s exactly who I am. Except not with a novel or a biography, instead I snuggle up with a textbook and notes. There’s no place like home, in Physics I use Ohms. The knowledge I’m gaining matched with the astounding scent in the room from the candles and the prepossessing lighting from the candles is my perfect setting to be in. Studying is just so relaxing. I can kick back, unknot my pains, orient myself in any way I want to in order for me to be relaxed and be gaining knowledge with my textbook and notes. I can’t even remember the last time I went outside because I’ve been locked in my room with the irradiated candles and the splendid scent filled air. Not to mention my brand new friends that have helped me gain a better social life!

I can relieve all of my stress through countless hours of memorization, tough mathematical equations, and mind-straining historical events. I believe the best way to relieve stress is through studying. After long days at school learning material at a fast pace with little to no stops for help, coming home to a nice shiny textbook to learn it some more extraordinarily reduces my tremendous amounts of stress. So grab a textbook of any kind, and you’ll be rewarded with a stress-free mind!

Studying is fun. How can anyone not agree with me when I say, “Stoichiometry of gases is the most fun I’ve ever had while living on planet Earth!” One textbook does not a happy student make (I studied that Scheme in English). One day, I was areading my new friend when suddenly the pictures on the page played perfect passages of Pomp and Circumstance. Almost as if he was congratulating my clear-cut success from my continuous acts of concentration while still having fun.

Studying is my favorite.