Post-AP Stress

It’s amazing yet hard to comprehend that my junior year in high school is nearly over. At too many points it felt too drawn out, too stressful, too unbearable. Yet, all I have is regret for it now, as the final three weeks approach quicker and quicker. I could’ve done more, I could’ve used my time more wisely. Personally, it isn’t until a school year is near-over when I realize how fast life moves, and that’s an unfortunate fact. On the flip side, this post-AP testing stress is comforting, ironically. It’s a different type of stress, not one of tests and homework but rather creating.


Photo ©2014 by Edward Fahman [CC BY 2.0]

A common thing for AP teachers to do is to assign projects for finals in place of a test. This is a practice I agree with wholeheartedly, but there is a certain stress which comes with it. It is the stress of not proving yourself, not creating a product to the best of your ability. For someone who adores making films, this is especially true. While preparing to produce the film, questions that run through my mind are, “What if the dialogue and actors clash or become too cliché?” or “What if it doesn’t entertain or tug at the heart strings or ends up as banal?” This stress, while infinitely better than that experienced throughout the year, still provides an anxiety, regardless. The only way to beat this stress, overcome it, in my eyes, is to make your projects a passion and be proud of it, so it doesn’t become another regret of your junior year.

– Edward


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