I saw FVHS theater’s rendition of Pippin and in my opinion it wasn’t good. Many plays that are performed from this group are well-performed, with little to no production issues. This play was the one exception, and it was quite surprising. I was shocked at the low quality of sound production. There were many different aspects that contributed to a poor show overall such as: acting, singing, music, and sound production.

Photo @2015 by Bahman Farzad [CC BY 2.0]

Photo @2015 by Bahman Farzad [CC BY 2.0]

First off, I was viewing the “understudy cast” and they’re hailed by the theater as the less talented actors. I can confirm this is true because the actors left me truly bored and uninterested. The way that they moved about the stage was clunky and the way they spoke their lines was awkward and uneventful. One thing that always gets on my nerves in plays is when actors don’t engage in an exaggerated conversation. I feel like they’re are just reading their lines to each other with short appearances of exaggerated tone and emotion. There wasn’t a single bit of emotional connection with the audience. It was not good.

The understudy cast is hailed as the better singers than the other cast. I can confirm this true, however their lead role was awful. Pippin, the main character just couldn’t sing and the worst part is, he’s apparently a better than the Pippin in the other cast. However, one actor had an amazing voice. The rest of them didn’t and it contributed to the play being really hard to watch. I tried so hard to enjoy myself but it just wasn’t possible.

The band that accompanied the play was decent, but there were many lapses of questionable sounds especially from the trumpet, french horn, trombone, and string instruments. There were a few great solo moments from the flute and clarinet. The percussion played well throughout the entire performance. The main reason the band sounded bad is because the balance between the performers mics and the band’s sound was unbalanced. The two different sources of music didn’t blend well at all. It sounded really weird especially when the performers are saying their lines, but all the audience can hear is the screeching of string instruments.

My least favorite play.



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