Blast from the Past

In the past, I would always be playing sports everywhere I went. In elementary school during recess I would play some sport related activity. Same goes for middle school, full of sports activities. Once I hit high school, a lot of these activities went away and I wasn’t able to play with my friends all the time. In fact, all of them went away and I haven’t been playing sports with my friends since I entered high school. However, I’ve recently been playing many sports with my friends and it’s been lots of fun. I feel like I’m in middle school again when I was able to play sports with my friends at school and when I played sports outside of school. I’ve mostly been playing basketball, but just this past weekend we also played flag football which was lots of fun.

Photo @2014 by Leo Hidalgo [CC BY 2.0]

Photo @2014 by Leo Hidalgo [CC BY 2.0]

Flag football was really fun because we got a lot of people to come out and participate and everyone was enjoying themselves and really getting into it. It’s really fun when everybody gives it one hundred percent out there on the field. The quality of the game enhances so much when all of these factors are present. I was able to score three touchdowns and throw a pass as quarterback to my teammate in which he ended up scoring right after my pass. It was very satisfying when I participated in scoring. I made everyone there know that I was there to play hard and they were all guarding me at one point because of my dominance. My team ended up coming with the win at the end!

Basketball has easily been my favorite sport to play with my friends. I never played it outside of school but it’s always been a favorite of mine. I don’t consider myself the best player but it’s always really fun to me for some reason. My friends and I have played basketball the most and the games are all pretty high quality. Planning out a basketball game over the weekend during the week and then waiting for the weekend to come so I can play has been the best feeling as of late.

I hope we can continue to keep on playing and keep on having fun in the future!



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