What I Plan to do During Break

Spring break is coming up right around the corner and I would like to talk about what I plan to do over the break. The amount of time between winter break and spring break is the longest period of school without breaks we have all year, so this is definitely a well-deserved break. I hope to see many of my friends during the break. Anything that involves my friends will make the break very fun. Some activities that I plan to do are: play basketball, relax with friends, play video games, and go to the beach.

Photo @2014 by Luke Ma [CC BY 2.0]

Photo @2014 by Luke Ma [CC BY 2.0]

Going to the beach with my friends is very fun and we do it quite a lot. My friends and I have scheduled to go the beach at least one time this break; however, I wouldn’t be surprised if we went more than once. In my opinion, there’s nothing better than being out under the sun surrounded by all of my friends. With an ocean to swim in and a vast area for us to run around and play sports, the beach makes hanging out with friends very enjoyable!

I’ve started to get in to playing basketball because of some friends that asked me to play with them one day. It was pretty nostalgic because I used to play basketball all the time in middle school and it was one of my favorite activities because it had that competitive edge that I enjoy so much. During spring break, my “basketball friends” and I want to try to play everyday. For many people, this won’t work out in their schedule, but I’m going to try to attend everyday that I can. I just find it really fun when I’m on the court.

In general, I plan to be with my friends a lot. I don’t really care as to what were doing as long as I’m with them, it will be awesome. It’s really fun to just relax and talk to my friends also.

I hope spring break with be one the best breaks I’ve ever had and I hope I can do all of the activities I want!



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