Arc 1 Continuation!

Hey guys!!! I decided to still publish more of my book here, however it’s if too much be sure to give me comment and let me know.

Photo @ 2011 by JamesDPhotography (CC BY 2.0)

Photo @ 2011 by JamesDPhotography (CC BY 2.0)

Approaching the cockpit on the port side. Sota was able to enter the cockpit by releasing the hatch through the usage of a special watch. The Celer has been directly linked through a signal broadcasted by both the watch and the ship.

Inside the Celer popped numerous holographic 3D displays and HUDs with detailed information on the ship’s navigations, statuses, instruments and many details that allowed the user a plethora of information. Instead of grabbing the joystick in the middle, Sota had his arms crossed and stared onward. “Take me to Senator Costigan’s Penthouse.” commanded Sorta.

“System Acknowledged, plotting course for Senator Costigan’s Penthouse.” replied Celer’s navigation voice.

Twenty minutes had passed since the autopilot took over. The ship waded through numerous designated flight lanes for intercity travel. The penthouse was built on one of the many skyscrapers that were on Prime. Upon arrival, Sota was able to breeze through the numerous government security forces. The penthouse was a sight of many temptations. Most of which were a mix of models, beautiful architecture, famous paintings and aged artifacts. Upon reaching the main courtyard of the penthouse, many prominent political figures encircle a man of age with a dangerous personality of charisma. The man raised his hand to silence his targets of manipulation.

“Excuse me everyone, I have a matter to attend to.” stated Costigan, the Senator of Terra. He looks towards Sota with a heavy face. Sota and Senator Costigan proceed to walk into the main corridors and passages that are heavily guarded by armed security personnel. Upon reaching the Senator’s office from which he illustrates all his paperwork, the Senator closes the door behind them.

“Enjoying yourself in those wild night clubs?” said the Senator.
“I’m only there to hunt myself some enjoyable prey. The type that likes expensive clothes and knows how to please a man.”

“You know no limits to what you hunt with a bullet or what you want to fuck.”
“As if my ego wasn’t already large enough from the amount of ‘work’ I’ve completed for you.” Sota grinned as he exchanged the sarcastic comments. “Senator, I know you didn’t want to bring me in for small talk about my conquest for more women. What is the topic at hand and what is my homework?”

“Rumor has it from many sets of ears that a man has arrived here on Terra and in Prime.”

– Victor


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