I’ve Worked Hard

This Saturday I helped my best friend and his family move. They have a history of moving to many different houses so it wasn’t new to them and it wasn’t new to my family either. They moved closer to the local high school that we both attend and now transportation will be easier for both his family and mine. Believe it or not, but I feel that my friends new location of his house will strengthen our friendship even more. Its moving days like these where true friendship can be truly showcased.

Photo @2009 by Cambodia4kids.org Beth Kanter [CC BY 2.0]

Photo @2009 by Cambodia4kids.org Beth Kanter [CC BY 2.0]

It was quite a lot of work as they had many heavy objects for us to lift such as: dressers, tables, and beds. Most of these items required more than one person to carry. There was even a table that required the help of six people! We were lifting furniture, sifting through small objects, and shifting the car loads to maximize our efficiency. The dads and their friends really came in handy because they’re all well-built with upper body strength and have arms composed of pure muscle. The fact that we were going from nine a.m. to six p.m. just displays all of the work we put in. It was tough, but it wasn’t unbearable.

The presence of my best friends made everything worth while. As we were lifting and praying it would end soon, we kept each other’s spirits up through jokes, laughter, and stories about what happened during our week of school. It was nice to be surrounded by my wonderful friends and I don’t think I would’ve lasted the whole day without their company.

I believe their new living location will strengthen our friendship because I will be able to see my best friends a lot more on weekdays. I walk home after school everyday to my house and it takes about forty minutes long on average. Now, my friends live about ten minutes away from the school and I might be able to walk to their house! I’ll be able to walk to and from school with them and this will be great for our friendship. Being able to talk to them everyday will be amazing and I can’t wait.



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