Arc 1 Continues!

Hey guys if you haven’t read my last post, be sure to check it out so you can understand this post! Hopefully you continue to like this.

in the narrows of a long hallway, contained multiple symmetrical doors that were evenly placed. These doors had a distinct flat plain look to them. As their purpose was to simply stay put or to slide to the side as an entity would move through. Sota unlocks his door by simply touching a series of colors that appear in a panel. This sparked the door to swing open almost instantly. The colors all around had a tan look with an elegant red carpet marking the hallway as if it were expensive. Stepping through the gate that unlocks his home, Sota makes his way to the south end of the hallway. As his perfect distance between each step draws him closer, his eyes were locked onto the two large distinct glass panels that formed a rectangular shaped at the end of the hall. Markings of white letters and numbers appeared to constantly change on the doorway. Approaching the glass panel gate, allowed the mugshot of Sota to appear with a simple message of approval. The glass panels diverted from each other, an orchestra of man made sounds reverbed through Sota’s ear drums. Outside the two glass panels lay the vast achievements of man. A maze of geometrical buildings lay forth with architectural wonders. Among the giants, who housed businesses and rich upper-class citizens, were Terra’s geological features of large mountains that were behemoth in comparison to the man made structures. This is the city of Prime, the capital of the planet Terra. Sota stepped towards the catwalk that the two glass panel doors revealed. This passage held a position far above the ground level. Each step across this narrow walkway can feel very intimidating from the height that presented itself to the traveler. At the end, was a landing pad that was lightly populated with both maintenance crews and residents alike. Sota walks towards a craft with a sleek design and the words “Celer” marked on the port side. The cockpit was located in the front with a 3 foot diagonal beak. The wings were set further back and flanked the sides with a connection to the back tail fin. This model is the Origin 350R. It is based on the 300i series models designed by Origin Jumpworks, a luxury ship company. This specific model was designed for high speed racing. Although the Celer in it’s own right is unique through a series of changes from the factory defaults. This craft served as Sota’s personal transportation within Prime or interplanetary travel. – Victor

Photo @ 2013 by Jim Roberts [CC by 2.0]

Photo @ 2013 by Jim Roberts [CC by 2.0]


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