3 A.M.

Productivity is a fickle matter for me, personally. There are vast amounts of days where I feel the afternoons draw themselves out like messy sketches and I hardly finish anything productive. There are those lazy mornings which instill me with a false sense of boundless amount of time and I end up dawdling through them. But, without fail, the moments which provide me with boundless productivity are the late nights.


Late nights: when my family is asleep, when an eeriness fills my quiet, lonely home, and the coldness of night crawls inside. And yet, these conditions are what I function the best in. After the initial fatigue of being awake after midnight passes, I often reach a peak of consciousness, I enter a “zone” that draws the most out of me. The work I do is more efficient, the music I listen to more enjoyable, the movies I watch more engaging.

Unlike the daytime, the late nights provide me with an ideal environment from calmness of the infinite silence surrounding me and the lack of distractions to divert my attention. The late nights don’t carry the burden of being too long, but instead, of not being long enough. Often I find myself so immersed into this “zone” that the clock has already passed to 4 or 5 A.M., and the responsibilities required for the next day kick in, as does my weariness. For my health, it’s best if I don’t sleep so late but instead build habits to work early, sleep early. Yet, when the clock is 3 A.M. and I’m writing to my favorite songs with a cup of jasmine tea to warm myself, I’m in the zone, and no amount of sleep can surpass that.

– Edward


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