Arc 1!

Hey guys! I’ve always interesting in creating my own stories! Something more specific that I like is adventurous Science fiction action type books. With being inspired I decided to create a bit of my own work! Now I’m not looking to publish this or anything, but I wanted to see what your guys thoughts are on it!

Chap. 1: The Symphony Begins.

Photo @ 2014 by Joshua Livingston [CC by 2.0]

Photo @ 2014 by Joshua Livingston [CC by 2.0]

The blinding light of a sun emerges. The rays pierce a dimly lit room as the window shutters began to rise. The shutters flank the room’s entire east wall. As the light reaches further in with a crawl, the metallic floor falls prey to the natural invader of the room. Revealing a man who has taken into slumber within the confines of a bed.

His upper body is instantly jerked to an upright position with his hands grasping the warmth of the blanket, in an attempt to realign himself with his physical world. A vast array of blue shines through the light onto his skin from the south wall. A digital screen is revealed to be the origin of the luminescent color with a man dressed as if he were to attend a ballroom dance. Sound waves bellowed through the room.

“Good Morning, Sota! The Senator will like to see you at his penthouse here on Prime. You will be staying on Terra for the time being. He says the presence of Sota while he is here will-” The sound echoing was then cut down abruptly.

“I’m on my way. Give me at least till noon next time?” replied Sota as he looked to his west away from the sun.
“Thank you, Sir.” the animated image on screen disappeared as if magic has taken hold. It is no magic, it is the technology of the year, 2927.

The mysterious figure begins to rise from his area of hibernation and opens a section in the wall revealing a compact closet to hold his apparel and equipment. Shuffling through the waves of cloth, he reaches one particular outfit. Skipping chronologically ahead to see Sota looking into his wall’s mirror. The specific article has made its transition and lavished onto Sota.

“I feel good, probably look good as well.” murmuring to his conscious as a grin appeared. The primary article on Sota was his long sleeved jacket that gave off a smoky, dark color with a smooth contemporary texture. The jacket acted as the outer layer of an inside dress shirt that was buttoned towards the vital neck of Sota. Both articles was tailored to fit tightly revealing the figure of the person. This allowed the wearer to perform movements without being impeded. The bipedal section was wrapped around by a specific dress pants designed in reminiscent of policemen that reached to the kneecap joint section. From there on, a knee high upper cuff section of the boots that dominated the lower bipedal section of Sota was visible.

The now revealed character reaches for a holster and a weapon inside. The brimming holster edged a metallic white grip that extrudes an extra hand guard from the grip’s lower front entrance. The barrel in length was no more than an average human male’s hand. Attaching the holster to his upper right thigh, Sota was complete and ready to move. Standing upright his height only reached five feet and nine inches.

Thanks all I’ll be providing for this week! However if this is something that’s liked maybe I’ll be able to post bits of it weekly!



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