Sparking the Mind

Look at how much the world progressed. Back when the world was once ruled by dinosaurs and cavemen. Now look at us with our iPhone’s and all this new developed technology. We’ve progressed so much,but the question is how? Well I believe this is all in what we call our mind. The inventor. The spark to the possibility to new beginnings. The most helpful but yet most devastating. Our minds have so much potential that you start to question yourself…is there an end of what the mind is capable of?

Photo@2012 by Denise Krebs [CC-BY-2.0]

Photo@2012 by Denise Krebs [CC-BY-2.0]

Everyday were told that nothing is impossible and if that’s your dream then pursue and don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do something, not even your parents or your closet friends. Now I’m sure most of us doubt that, but I started to wonder. What’s really stopping us from doing what we want? I mean everything we could possibly need is there for us,yet we don’t have anything. I think the reason why is because we don’t come across things everyday that sparks imagination or creating because we’re all so glued to our usual task that we barely have anytime to think of new things to do. I believe though once we are able to find the certain something that can spark your mind, then we’ll be able to start producing all of these new ideas and all of these new possibilities that aren’t impossible. It’s truly up to us to keep our minds motivated as we overcome these challenges everyday. Many inventions all come from being sparked from an idea from almost anything. Our mind is a very powerful tool and they way I think of it is what Robert Frost once said in his poem fire and ice

“Some say the world will in fire. Some day the world will end in ice.”-Robert Frost

How I see this is that we the people have a choice, of using our mind, this creation that has no limit and can lead to so many possibility, but will we use this for good? Or for bad? That’s for you to decide.



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