Soccer and It’s Lessons

I really enjoy baseball and soccer because they’re fun, entertaining, and they’ve taught me, and my family many lessons in life. I grew up playing these two sports and they will always be apart of my life now. These two sports are practically in my families blood now because of my sports-filled childhood. In my opinion, I believe that soccer is a better sport than baseball in many different area and  it has taught me many more lessons than baseball. It was one of the best decisions in my life to stop playing baseball and move to soccer.

Photo @2010 by Esporte Clube Pelotas [CC BY 2.0]

Photo @2010 by Esporte Clube Pelotas [CC BY 2.0]

Soccer has taught me how to cooperatively collaborate with teams and groups in a work setting. I’ve played with many different teams and there has always been a different vibe to each team. On some teams, I was considered one of our best players, but on other teams, I was considered one of the worst players. Due to this judgement, I’ve been able to understand every aspect of teams and groups and it makes it easier for me to communicate to everyone. I love activities that have teamwork incorporated into them because I work better with teams than I do alone.

The sport has also given me a lot of discipline because I’ve had to listen to many different coaches and players of higher skill. They all gave me many opportunities to progress as a better player and its because of their criticism, strong coaching, and inspiration that I’ve been able to become the great soccer player I am today.

I enjoy everything about soccer because of how much I loved playing it during my childhood. Watching professional soccer, like the world cup is really fun and my family enjoys it also. My favorite player is Neymar because he’s just such a good forward and extremely skilled at the game. It was him that made me want root for Brazil after the U.S.A was eliminated from the world cup. It was really sad to see Neymar get hurt and how he was unable to play for the rest of the cup when they needed him. Germany beat Brazil in a very dominant fashion and it was really disheartening to see.

Soccer will always be my favorite sport!



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