Quiet Time

The second hand on my watch ticks constantly and I am continually in motion. Here, there, this, that, most of the time. However, it wasn’t until Thursday of last week where I realized the importance of stopping. Of letting that watch run without eyeing its continued movement. Of relieving yourself of those ticks and having some quiet time.


Photo ©2011 by Callum Baker [CC BY-NC-SA 2.0]

The week was one of those weeks which every minute of the day was spent working or preparing for more work. It definitely wasn’t helped by my involvement in a large-scale production for a neighboring school. After a long and stressful day of shooting, my classmates and I returned to edit the footage, exhausted from lack of sleep the night before, starved save a few donuts and water, and stressed from the time constraint we were placed under. However, this was all alleviated when my friend offered to take me out for pretzels. “Pretzels? Pretzels.” was the exchange of looks my friend and I shared as I reluctantly decided to neglect my editing duties.

She drove me to the Westminster Mall – the only location containing a Wetzel’s Pretzels in our vicinity. To my surprise, as I have never been to the mall during a weekday, it was nearly vacant. The few souls in the mall were sparse, yet it felt like home to her. As we ordered our sought caramel-covered almond pretzels, we took seats among the leather couches dispersed throughout the mall. And for a moment, we were silent. It was an experience to appreciate.

The hectic atmosphere expected was replaced with a welcoming quietness which made the mall’s vastness so much more comforting. Our conversation felt more personal, more centered around us, rather than another drop in the storm that malls often are. And this was what I realized I needed so much during a week of stress, work, and stress: just some quiet time. Some time to forget my worries, forget my obligations, forget my troubles; time to enjoy the usual working hours with someone else. It wasn’t easy walking back to her car, reminded of what had to be done once I returned to the motion I’ve been accustomed to. If only I could just remember once in a while, during tough times, that all I need is some quiet time.

Thanks Nikki.

– Edward


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