Today in class we had a discussion about stereotypes and how they can lead to prejudice, discrimination, and even hate. Stereotyping is thrown around all the time in comedy and the youth. They’re being used frequently everyday and it’s becoming somewhat okay to use them in jokes. However, the more we use them, the easier it becomes to say them at the wrong time and end up hurting someone. Stereotypes are absolutely not acceptable to say. They directly transfer in to what we call the pyramid of hate. The pyramid of hate is started from one stereotype, and it can lead to terrible feelings. It can also lead to people being alone not without being able to chose if they want to or not.

Photo @2015 by Alan Levine [CC BY-SA 2.0]

Photo @2015 by Alan Levine [CC BY-SA 2.0]

The way stereotyping ends is by us not saying them ever again. Everybody has to contribute to the ending of stereotypes and it ends by each and everyone one of us making an effort to stop saying them all together. Once this is complete, the hardest step comes next. Making sure you’re family, friends, and peers also stop saying them. We must all make a change and spread the importance of how stereotypes must not be used by anyone. These people that surround us everyday influence us in how we speak or act, therefore, by making them stop, it will be easier for us to stop while making others stop as well. Our friends and peers will tell their friends and peers and it keeps spreading throughout the entire community. It seems so easy, so why hasn’t it stopped already?

In my opinion, the worst part about stereotypes is the way they can make people feel alone. It’s terrible to know that some people are loners without being given the choice. Especially in a setting like high school, friends are everything, they make or break the high school experience. Without any friends, the high school experience is degraded so much. This is the biggest reason why I’m stopping stereotypes because I imagine myself in a loner’s shoes and how sad I would feel.

Please, let’s all stop stereotypes and make our world a much better place.

– Tanner


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