Parents May Never Show It But…

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Photo ©2013 by Clement Soh [CC-BY-2.0]

As I went to mass for Ash Wednesday. I sat down and noticed something that really brought to a pensive mood. It was these parents sitting in front of me giving care to there little kids Usually this would be something we’d consider ordinary, but as the priest mentioned during the homilee, “I know some of you younger kids don’t realize it. You’re parents have been through a lot for you to be standing here in mass today.”, Now growing up many of us tend to have arguments with our parents over things we have disagreement in, but often times we forget how they do try their best to give you everything they can offer. 

I remember growing up, my family was never financially stable. I remember My parents coming to California for better economic opportunities however with the cost of living being so high. My family simply couldn’t afford it. At this point my parents were essentially homeless. Thankfully my grandpa has always been a man with opening arms to us and allowed us to live in the patio of his house as he was providing my aunt and her family. As a kid I was always oblivious to the fact that my family would always be trying to conserve as much money as possible as they would work countless hours to provide for me and my sister. However being a kid, I always tended to be materialistic and would always ask for things that I actually never needed. Yet ironically my parent”s would always buy me these toys that were odd..  I noticed I never received what I wanted which made me furious that it wasn’t the right one and demanded we return it. If there was something odd about my toys I received, I remember that there would always be a red tag that said C L E A R A N C E. This is always something I never took into account until I later on until I realized what it meant. This really was eye opening making me wishing I should’ve reacted differently whenever my parents would give me these toys. However I can’t go back to change what I could’ve change. This is something that’s always been on my mind for years, and till this day makes me appreciate how tired they must be whenever they come home having to provide for 2 kids of their own. Our parent’s put in a lot to give us what we have…appreciate it!



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