Recently, I was able to work with some of my good friends and help them make a video for our school’s, “Baron Broadcast News.” It was really fun and I enjoyed helping them out. Acting has always been fun and inspiring. I was able to do both of these at one time, which made me really happy and appreciative of my friend who gave me the opportunity to act in his upcoming clip. During this experience, I learned what life was sort of like for a student in BBN and how much the school respects them.

Photo @2008 by Vladimir Fedotov [CC by 2.0]

Photo @2008 by Vladimir Fedotov [CC by 2.0]

We filmed multiple different scenes advertising the school’s, “Super Baron” which has multiple advantages when it comes to prices for school events and it guarantees that a student acquires a year book at the end school. The idea was to make it really cheesy like an old 80’s or 90’s advertisement commercial. I had the honor of being the main actor in this clip, so I had to get into character and act really cheesy and weird. I even had to make a cheesy voice! The scenes included me receiving my Super Baron after being explained as to what its purpose is, going to a game and getting in free with my Super Baron, enjoying a sports game with my Super Baron, reminiscing in old high school memories with my free yearbook and my Super Baron, and finishing out with a crazy dance scene.

Throughout the filming process, I was able to experience the, “behind-the-scenes” of what goes in to making these videos. I heard a lot of terms being used by the people taking the shots about lighting, audio, angles, and even something called the “180-degree rule.” It’s really cool to see the knowledge the students have behind the camera. Creating clips for BBN is apparently quite stressful because there are deadlines for video submissions.

It was also very nice to see how easily random people wanted to help create this clip. For the dance scene, there were people walking by and we asked them to join us for a giant dance and they agreed to it without any question at all! One girl exclaimed in excitement, “Oh my gosh no way, is this for BBN!?” Hearing that just made me feel so good about our school’s community.

I just want to thank everyone who let me be apart of this clip, and I hope I can return for more in the future!



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