You Do You

Today was a different kind of day, which I cannot put into better words than “insightful.” Life has its ups and downs, but you are unable to know the great days without having the terrible ones. Today was one of those fortuitous days where everything could not have gone better, no matter how you sow the quilt.


Photo ©2010 by CutenessAreej [CC BY-ND 2.0]

It began with my studying of AP Biology for a “quizzam”; an average high-school student activity of course. However, this was truly the first time I was able to eye AP Biology in the face, with my own arms (not those of smarter students!) and laugh wholly: I was able to comprehend the chapter in its entirety, a seemingly humdrum achievement. This moment was special, though. It was as if I finally learned from the countless previous times of falling down the rabbit hole of confusion and desolation, and in my book, that is something worth being proud of.

Cut to 3rd period today, the monster “quizzam” unraveled itself to me like a self-guided present, showing all of its intricacies. The flush of relief which overcame me, in knowing how to answer every question was awe-inspiring. This relief which overpowered me remained with me the rest of day; I felt alive and elated and proud to be ME. Too many a time I have regretted decisions I’ve made regarding poor time management or not taking opportunities where given. But man, YOU just do YOU. You are only given one chance to make life’s choices, so thrive from the outcome regardless if it is favorable or not. The most important thing is making the choice. YOU do YOU.

A song I’ve discovered recently represents this idea of appreciating the choices you make. Here is a link. Its structure is simple in nature, but its composition fills me with both melancholy and joyous emotions, as life would. Life does indeed have its twists up and spirals down, but it is the overall package (song!) which is truly beautiful; giving this song of “life” a listen is the most important decision.

So, all in all, YOU do YOU. Don’t be afraid of making the wrong decisions (like I have often!) in order to experience the satisfactions of the right ones. It’s amazing to just see what comes out of them. Life’s like one big game! And the winner is…

– Edward


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