Angel Stadium

I used to go to Angel Stadium all of the time when I played baseball. I would go with my dad and his friends, and we would always have a great time at the game. When I hear people say, “Baseball’s a boring sport” I always wonder if they’ve actually been to an actual game, rather than watching it on television. I wrote my recent analysis essay on the Angel Stadium because it is such a wonderful sports arena, and gives all local baseball fans quite an amazing experience.

Photo @2008 by Will Culpepper [CC BY-SA 2.0]

Photo @2008 by Will Culpepper [CC BY-SA 2.0]

There were some topics that I didn’t discuss in my essay, so I would like to talk about them here. Let’s start with the staff, and how they contribute to a better experience. In most cases, a typical hooligan probably doesn’t like the staff and security at the Angel Stadium because they, “Aren’t any fun” or “They wont let us do anything we want.” This is because most of the activities that the crazy fans do, either distract the game or distract the fans from watching the game. Therefore, in actuality, the fans are giving the entire stadium a much better experience. Also, the staff are very polite, and love to help fans find their seats when they first arrive in the stadium. Of course, the staff love baseball and are pleased to engage in conversation about the sport!

Another addition to the stadium that makes games very fun and entertaining are the large jumbo-tron screens that try to engage the fans in silly games after the top and bottoms of the nine innings in the game. Kissing games, guessing games, dancing games, and inspirational videos that all make the crowd feel that the Angel’s really care about their fans. It’s very fun to watch what goes on over at different parts of the stadium because the games include everybody in the stands! When I think of the Angel Stadium, this is actually the first idea that pops into my head, because I grew up absolutely loving these giant screens. The best part is when they play the Angel’s rally songs. For example, the songs Down with the Sickness by Disturbed and Enter Sandman by Metallica really get the fans hyped up for the game.

So many memories have been created here. I’ve had great times with my friends and family learning and enjoying the sport of Baseball. Obviously I think it’s a great park, and there are many people that agree with me! At fans are able to review certain ballparks of choice. Seven users gave the ballpark an A rating, one fan gave it a B rating, one fan gave it a C rating, and a final fan gave it a D rating. So the ratio here is pretty weighted on the A side! Positive comments are made by the fans such as, “The seats are very accessible and the stadium accessories such as restaurants and bathrooms are easy to get to.” Many fans praise the parking price, as it is only 8$ and that the walk from your car to the stadium is very short. The parking lot is also perfect for tailgating, with lots of room to throw the baseball around and play catch. As you can tell, there are many positive reviews all around praising each aspect of the stadium.

I love this stadium and I hope everyone agrees!



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