New Semester

The first semester is over and now its time to write more blogs! We sort of started to lose focus on the blogs because of all of the Great Gatsby readings and questions, but now that’s over. I hope you all did well in the first semester. Now its time for a new one!


Photo @2015 by Olli Henze [CC BY-ND 2.0]

I am going to discuss two of the things I felt went wrong with first semester and how they can possibly be improved. Warning, this blog features a negative tone.

Let’s start with the essays that we completed throughout the semester. Personally, I found that overall, these essays did not make me a better writer. Now I am not saying that’s all the essays fault as it could have been mine for not giving every essay 100% dedication to excellence, but there is undoubtedly a reason that these essays didn’t contribute to a positive outcome. Honestly, the overall class attitude towards the essays was just not good. There wasn’t enough commitment by the entire class which led to the degradation of the entire purpose of the essays. I feel like the revision process just got less and less effective over time. There wasn’t as much attention to detail, and when we were hitting the end of the semester essays, like the example essay, everyone’s mindset was not where it should have been. This is including me, of course. In order for me, the student, to learn effectively, the class and the teacher must create a productive environment full of avid learners and educators that are ready to meet and uphold the definite educational standards which best suits any student in the classroom. As for me, I didn’t feel like these standards were upheld during the essay days, and it led me to become lazier and less interested in what we were doing. It isn’t entirely up the student to decide what becomes boring and what doesn’t. I can say that the series of creative writings throughout the first semester were quite the bore, except for the narrative essay. The narrative essay has a special place in my heart because that was the essay in which I believed I broke out of my shell as a writer, but after that essay things just started to go downhill. I really hope that the second semester will improve upon the faulty system which was set into place, and the lack of attention to detail is fixed because it led to me becoming less interested and sometimes even off task.

The other thing that I did not fall in love with at all was the sets of readings that we did. Now if you know me, you would know that I am not a big reader, but if I have to I will. The books, The Scarlet  Letter and The Great Gatsby were the books that we read. The Scarlet Letter was yet again, added to my books I don’t like. For me, the way that we went about the Scarlet Letter in class was just boring and not fun. There was a lot of attempts to engage the students in activities during the class, but you could sort of see in the students eyes that no one was really up for discussion. I can name the people in my class that would constantly raise there hand, and the rest of the class wouldn’t. I mean its there in plain sight to see that what we were doing in class was not as productive as it could have. I personally need lots of checks and progressive ways to make sure im grasping what I’m reading, or else I will lose track and not enjoy what I’m reading. At the beginning of the readings we had little quizzes, so there was some attempt for checks. I just couldn’t enjoy this book. It was the content of the book, and the way we went about it in class.

You may be wondering why I didn’t talk about The Great Gatsby, but that’s because I actually enjoyed what we did in class with this book and had a good time reading this! So I have no complaints.



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