Throwback to the Good Ol’ Days


Photo @2006 by SPDP [CC-by-2.0]

There are many movies that I have seen. However only few of them have become my personal favorite. One of them being the Boy in Striped Pajamas. This movie takes place during World War 2, as the story depicts the story of a German boy by the name of Bruno. Bruno is the son of a commandant officer who’s in charge of a concentration camp who his father forbid him to explore as he described it as a “the forest”, however to refrain from any spoilers, Bruno ends up meeting a Jewish boy as he decides to explore the forest and he then faces unexpected consequences.

This movie has played such an effect of me and as I was analogizing this, it gave me a new perspective on the take of life as I was reminded o what it was like to be a child. The mind of a child is almost fascinating as they’re willing to do so much exploration without a fear of consequences (not to say that they never fear) But the fact that kids are willing to take more risk as their so young to all the things out there just keeps me consistently astounded by it. Honestly I think everyone deserves to have those days where they can be like a kid again.

This week during school our teacher decided to have us play with toys for Global play day. This was a day where there were no restraints whatsoever and I was finally able to by the kid I once was back in the days. To be able to let loose and to finally break away from the normal schedule that I’ve been doing for the past two years was quite relieving. Finally to be able to see the excitement on all of our faces as we would run away and just have fun gave me the inspiration to be writing this post. As there are many things in life that keeps me inspired, as we encounter many things that keeps our mind thinking, but there are a few things that will make me wanna write.


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