The Truly Great Gatsby

Over the past few weeks, our class has been having major discussion revolving around a classic novel titled “The Great Gatsby.” When I first started reading the book, I found it to be fairly dull and generally unappealing to a young reader such as myself. Not only did the complicated sentence structure throw me off, but the overall lack of initial plot nearly put me to sleep. However, as I delved further and further into the book, I began to understand why the author did the things he did within the story. There was a deeper meaning behind every sentence, every theme was interconnected, and life in the novel seemed to  phase over into what could have been a true story.

Because the story was so life-like and moral-filled, I took more out of the book than I had initially realized. Before the discussions, I only thought about a few themes the book had, such as the role of women and the degrading excesses of wealthy lifestyles. In the BRAWL discussions, we broke the book down into little pieces, where we could really understand what Fitzgerald had been meaning to tell us. This was what hit me the most, and it hit me hard. Multiple perspectives on a situation provide for many different ideas, some more potentially true than others. After much revision, my final opinion on the book is that it described the both fabulous and unfortunate life of a self-made millionaire, incorporating many valuable lessons about wealth and love along the way.


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