The Evolution of Technology

As I was reading through my APUSH (Advance Placement United States History), I came across the progression of America and how we came from this rural area to all of the sudden urban life style. Now this came to remind me how how things were back in the day when we once started with farming, but now all the sudden in modern day tech we come to have all these ways of producing food. This idea of how much we’ve grown is still astounding to me. Then as I transition to reading my English books such as Great Gatsby, and I thought to myself. Could this happen? 

With modern technology advancing everyday who knows what could really happening. What once was a dream of having hover cars, or smart watches was first thought I would tell my friends. However now it’s actually here and till this day I’m always assuming what the future is gonna be like? Is it gonna be looking super fancy like in the movie Meet the robinson? Could we really achieve this tech heavy society to literally start becoming a necessity of our daily life style? Or better yet will there ever be and end to how much we can progress? As of right now the ideas are limitless as many kick starter companies are beginning to experiment with new things that will either fail or become a famous success. One thing in particular that we’ve seen are go pros as I fairly remember when they were once a small company that wanted to record action footage. After years of work they’ve officially become well known as “the best action camera out there” according to many reviewers such as the verge, MKBHD, TLD, uraverageconsumer, austin evans and many such. So I come to ask myself this..what could the future be like?Featured image


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