Top Tens of 2014

Over the past year, there have been many things that have had a big impact on my life. Today, I’ve put together a list of my top ten’s for 2014, whether they are hobbies or just things that are relevant to my life. I’ve had some good memories this past year, so this list took some real thinking to put together.

Top Ten Moments:

1 – Brother leaving for college: this one was a bit emotional for me, knowing a sibling wouldn’t be home often
2 – Christmas gifts: I’ve had my fair share of gift exchanging this year, and I find it fun just to be around family members
3 – Getting a new phone: was pretty cool having a faster phone
4 – Visiting my brother at college: it was very sentimental seeing him after a few months
5 – Getting a good grade: I managed to get myself a near perfect score on a biology test
6 – Visiting relatives in Sacramento: I got to see my sister up in Sacramento for the weekend
7 – Eating two cherry pies: my parents fooled me into joining a pie-eating contest
8 – Getting an antique watch: my grandfather one day gave me a near 100-year old watch
9 – Going on bike rides with my dad: we had some time to talk about the world around us
10 – Playing Project M: My brother and I played Project M for long time on his winter break

Top Ten Foods:

1 – Pizza: pizza is that food that always makes me happy
2 – Spaghetti – I’ve had this at least 10 times a month
3 – French Fries: Only the McDonald’s fries
4 – Steak: Restaurant steak, such as Mimi’s Cafe, is amazing
5 – Tacos: Tacos are always the food that helps you get back on your feet when you’re down
6 – Salad: Tastes good with a little dressing and is healthy if you put real spinach in it
7 – Enchiladas: Chicken enchiladas are one of my dad’s favorite foods as well
8 – Mashed Potatoes: No Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner would be the same without this
9 – Smoothies: More than once I’ve just come home and made myself a smoothie to make homework less dull
10 – Imitation Crab: Actually a type of fish, this meat is almost unreal in its tasty qualities

Top Ten Months for Me:

1 – June: Of course June! The beginning of summer!
2 – July: This is the most relaxing month of the year, no worrying about school, just watching fireworks
3 – August: Band season starts, and it’s one of the most fun times of the year for going to the beach!
4 – September: The beginning of school; it sometimes feels nice going back to a familiar place
5 – December: The month with the longest school break, of course!
6 – November: The month with the second longest school break, and the end of band season for me
7 – April: The month that I was born in; also the month where I get some awesome gifts
8 – May: One of the months approaching summer, unfortunately finals approach!
9 – February: The month of my brother’s birthday, as well as Valentine’s day
10 – October: The month of the year where school gets dull, and band season drags on a bit


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