The Top 10 Digital Video Cameras of (not really) 2014

Every single year, there are a load of new cameras that come out that are geared towards many different consumers. This list will be geared more towards the video capabilities of last year’s (or not so last year’s) digital cameras. In addition, I won’t take into account price, only the performance of each camera.

*The order of the list is in no way indicative of whether one is better than the other, though, I believe the Arri Alexa to be the best.*

1) Arri Alexa: The highest usable dynamic range I have ever seen in a camera coupled with a fast and compatible internal codec that works well with many industry standard editing programs. The Arri Alexa is the main choice of many of today’s big budget films.

2) RED Epic Dragon: A resolution beast that boasts 6K at up to 100 frames-per-second in lossless RAW format.

3) C500: A great dynamic range coupled with an insane low-light capability. 4K is readily available with an external recorder.

4) C300: The little brother to the C500. A great image with just as great low-light capabilities. No 4K option, but either way a great picture.

5) Sony F55: One of Sony’s first attempts at a full on production cinema camera, and they did a rather good job. Internal 4K recording with optional external RAW recording, and a dynamic range rated at 14 stops.

6) FS7: A more consumer-marketed camera from Sony. A great camera with internal UHD recording at up to 60 frames-per-second.

7) Sony A7s: The A7s is a much more relatively consumer-marketed camera. With a rated 15.3 stops, this camera is one of two in the list that has a full-frame sensor. Also, the low light is ABSOLUTELY INSANE. LIKE, INSANE, INSANE.

8) GH4: The GH4 is the first camera in it’s price range to have internal 4K recording. Although the dynamic range isn’t rated as high as the others, the image from the sensor definitely holds its ground.

9) 5D Mark III: Although not great compared to the others in terms of video performance, the 5D Mark III holds its ground by coupling a superb picture quality with a great video image.

10) Axiom: The axiom camera is perhaps the most ambitious camera announced in 2014. Being an open source system, the camera boasts a super35 sensor with both rolling and global shutter options.


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