My Top Ten Smartphones

Hey what is up guys! A Lot of smartphones come out every year and 2014 is no exception. Something I wanna give you guys is my personal favorite smartphones of 2014 all with a special feature of why it was selected. Now the phones aren’t given in any specific order however they are all my top 10 phones that I would pick if you were interested in upgrading your phone.

1. Samsung Galaxy note 4

5’5 display. With it being such a massive phone not only is it huge, but the software takes advantage of the screen. With features such as multitasking and having such a massive battery with such a large phone. Also this phone is one of the view phones that supports 4k recording for those of you who want to get some great shots with this camera. This phone definitely takes spot on the best “Phablet” Phone.

2. iPhone 6

Now apple has come a long way if we look at the the past progression of the devices. The iPhone doesn’t offer anything too innovative or special. However with the solid and yet simplistic OS which is great for those of us who just want a phone that gets the job done and doesn’t lag whatsoever. Apple also has a surprising good battery life that could get me through most of the day no problem. Also one thing worthy to note is that I personally feel that the iPhone 6 has probably if not one of the best image processing in any device giving me great photos that could go up on my instagram. However though in specs the phone is a tad bit lacking but with the chip from apple the speed is almost just as fast as the latest specs out there.

3. Nexus 5

Now this phone is by far one of my favorite phone as what it has to offer for it’s price range. Coming in at only 350$ off contract….like wow that is amazingly cheap for something that this phone has to offer. It does everything sufficiently and gets it done but hey you get what you pay for.

4. LG Flex

This phone isn’t quite there but offers a great concept that till this day we are trying to experiment with phones and bring new things to the market that will capture peoples eyes with it’s bend ability

5. Moto G

This phone is by far my favorite budget phone for anyone who’s not looking to spend more than 200 dollar. Sure the company may have cut corners but hey you get what you pay for.

6. Blackberry passport.

This phone will only appeal to the die hard fans that admire blackberry and what it has to offer as it brings back the keyboard that everyone liked back in the day.

7. HTC one m8

With boom sounds speakers being one of the first to offer these front facing speakers. This phone definitely goes on my top 10 list.

8. Amazon Fire phone

This phone is getting the award for the worst phone of the year award as amazon tried bringing all these new things to the table but in all they features were mainly useless with nothing to contain than the current market.

9. Moto X

This phone is agrueable one of the best phones as they try to leave the phone at stock android which many of us people consumers like.

10. One plus one

This phone for a cheap price actually competes with modern day smartphones offering good features!!!


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