The Little Things

As I walked home from school the other day, I felt more bored than I usually did on the way home. Sure, the buses would go by, the birds would sing, the grass would dance in wind, any other cliche personification, you name it. But what I came to realize that day is that if you listen hard enough, see closely enough, and really immerse yourself in your surroundings, you hear things, see things, and feel things you wouldn’t normally feel. If you zone everything out and just think about the future, there never truly is a “present,” a “now.” Just as some people might be “living in the past,” many people of today are doing just the opposite: living in the future. It’s typical of students today, as well as most people, to constantly be preparing for the future and worrying about things. Unfortunately, they, as in us, can find themselves all wound up in this future living for most of their lives. From my realization that day, walking home from school, I’ve tried more and more every day to live in the present, to not worry so much about the future, and to not dwell on the past. There’s a time and place for such things, and every day is not the time, nor is every place that place.



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