Example Essay

I had a lot of fun writing this essay because I felt like I got to write with my true personality. I was able to give real life examples of what happened in my real life and give my perspective on it. I tried to be as detailed as possible when supporting each event with an example. It seemed like the easiest essay to write so far because in many of our other classes we have to get examples from the text or think about examples  that have happened in real life.

I felt that I was able to be myself when writing this essay. You’ll find, when reading it, that I have a lot of quirky explanations and definitions that seem a little odd. This is because I like to be fun and weird in life. A lot of these events seem to be somewhat stupid and unlikely, but they all did happen.

It was a little difficult trying to stray away from very detailed definitions because the example essay seemed to follow more of a narrative style. I told a story while pulling events that happened to support the story’s base idea. I mean we didn’t have a prompt and we spent only a day on these example essays so I don’t expect it to be the best.

I felt like it was easier to write this essay because my best essay so far has been the narrative essay, and the example essay feels close to what we had to achieve in those. It’s easy to tell stories, especially when it’s about a real life event because I can just envision the memory in my head and write out every detail that I could find. I liked writing this essay a lot because of this. I will try to continue and improve at the next time our essay is due.


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