In today’s society, teenagers tend to look up to the same type of people, no matter where they live: those with extremely successful lives and inspirational careers. Many artists and singers such as Paul McCartney have gained respect by showing their talents to the world and having a successful musical careers based off of that talent. Because as humans, we want to have success like this, we want to follow the examples of those who managed to achieve success.

However, success for many of these high-ranking individuals came from being at the right place at the right time. The Beatles, for example, was a band formed in 1960, a time when rock and roll music was the next big thing. Not only were they at the right time, but they also were at the right place: Liverpool, England. Many of the youths there were wanting new types of music, different from the usual classical and jazz music, especially after hearing their idols of the time period begin the transition as well. This is no different from today’s society, other than the type of music. All in all, success is achieved by putting as much effort as you can into a field of study that you enjoy. Being in the right time and the right place definitely helps, but it doesn’t always determine one’s success level.


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