Style Analysis

We did a style analysis essay in class for practice for the AP English test. It was very interesting and new because I haven’t done something like that ever before this class. I’m going to really try to get better at really digging deep into depth and trying to focus a lot more on analysis then summary. I’ve been struggling on multiple things, but I’ve also been doing a lot of good things. I thought I would share with you guys my thoughts and also my strengths/weaknesses. Maybe we could have a discussion in class about it or you could just help me out, that would be great. Continue reading


Further Exploring the Individual vs. Community

In my last post about the individual vs community….I still felt that there was still more that could be explored. With this I’ve decided to instead of talking the talk. I’ve decided to walk the walk. Now many of you may ask, well how are you going to test out the idea of community vs individual. I’ve decided to experiment this test and put it to the test, in a game of Air soft. Continue reading