Over the break I’ve been relaxing and trying to enjoy myself. I didn’t really want to think about school and I didn’t, so mission accomplished right? Well, with my relaxing I played a lot of games, hung out with my friends, and watched t.v. During this I witnessed and came across many different kinds of our three main interests: comedy, art, and technology. I wanted to talk about these in a blog post because they had to do with everything I did over the break pretty much.

First let’s start with comedy. As I said, I was hanging out with my friends pretty much all break. Boy did I have a lot of laughs with them. A lot of our friendship comes from making each other laugh. I mean without having a comedic aspect to each other, how would we be the friends we are now? Comedy makes us the friends we are now and its what is going to keep us friends forever. We love all things funny whether it be tv shows, videos, video games, or just straight up jokes. I am in love with all things comedy and I think it just makes me the type of person I am today. I hope that with our group, we can progress throughout the year being as stress-free as possible. We can achieve this goal by cheering each other up with laughter and jokes. I love the group I am with and we all get along well so this is one of the things we can do to strengthen our collaboration skills or something!

Second is technology. I’ve played a lot of video games and have been on technology so much throughout this week. It’s crazy how much I’ve used technology this past break! I don’t think I would’ve had nearly as much fun as I had over the break without technology. I’m talking laptops, iPhones, gaming consoles, and TVs. These bad boys provide me so much entertainment, my Thanksgiving thankful wish is that I’m thankful for technology! I was able to stay connected to everything my friends were doing over the break, I was able to play video games with friends, and I was also able to buy new games that were on sale over the break. I had a blast playing the new games I bought on the PC with my friends. When I wasn’t with my friends I was able to talk to them on Skype, a program that is sort of like a phone but you can do it for free if the other person you are calling has skype. I hope technology provides us, our group, with fun and helps us stay connected with each other and enables us to show the world how are work is coming across. It’s a great tool, we all love it, so lets utilize it as much as possible!

Third and lastly is Art. This is the topic that I least came across over my break, but I still had a little bit over the break. As you know I was playing a lot of video games, and it is considered to be an art to be good at a video game. Especially the golden joystick award winner for best online game of the year, League of Legends. I viewed many marching band shows and drum core shows over the week which provided me with a lot of entertainment, my group knows how much I love the performing arts! Of course, I watched the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade which was really cool! It was a two hour event, the first hour consisted of features from different Broadway plays and musicals, which was really entertaining. The second hour consisted of the actual parade which was full of floats, musicians, and bands! I love watching this every year with my family it’s a fun tradition. My entire family admires the arts so its all something we love to view or be apart of. In our group, we all like photography, so let’s make sure we keep in mind to take pictures and videos in order to record our progress. 

This is a picture of somebody’s drawing of a skin for the Champion Riven in League of Legends. I love looking at cool art designs especially ones that are for my favorite video game!

Well, I just wanted to share my experiences over the break so yeah!


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