ZapCast: The Buzz of Fountain Valley

Doing my first podcast with my friends on Sunday opened my eyes to the potential of technology. In a Skype group with 4 of my fellow ZapCasters discussing the Scarlet Letter, I felt I was actually sitting in front of them hearing their opinions and reflections. In actuality, I was staring at their smiling profile picture surrounded by glowing blue boxes every time they spoke. The real conversation was being transmitted through a tube.


Sparking our interests and our thoughts in ZapCast

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INTERSTELLAR: The Experience

Recently, one of the group members and I took it upon ourselves to go see Christopher Nolan’s newly released movie, Interstellar.

In the movie, a global food shortage and second Dust Bowl are slowly but steadily causing conditions on Earth to become uninhabitable, setting forth a search to the stars for a new planet that will possibly save the human race. Continue reading