The Architect


What is my purpose in this library? Well, I am the one that works to design and construct the place in its ever changing manner, so I have been given the title “The Architect.” I work day to day shaping and reshaping the structure and design of the library to ensure a seamless workflow for the other librarians.

Why have I been given this role? My specialty in both profession and hobby deals largely with the arts, more specifically film and photography, and I was specifically chosen for the the amount of time I dedicate myself to such crafts.

Who and/or what inspires me? Inspiration for me in this field takes shape in many different forms. First and foremost, the top cinematographers of the film industry inspire me to give purpose to my craft. People such as Roger Deakins, Robert Richardson, Wally Pfister, Eduardo Serra, and much more inspire me to not flair things simply because it looks good; rather, I should design things within purpose. Furthermore, the top photographers and photojournalists inspire me to see life my own way. Examples such as Nick Ut, Benjamin von Wong, Vincent Laforet, and more taught me that such a simple thing like an image can represent something so much more grand.


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