Community vs. Individual

With a community. Usually it’s structured and the people there have a way of life they follow. When an individual tries to come in and make the change, everyone tends to reject them. As I once heard from my scout leader recently “Everyone wants a change, but no one wants to be the cashier.” This means that everyone may want a change but no one wants to be the one to make it. The video of choice is a very well known song called “Wake Me Up” by Avicii. In this song you’ll see how these two girls are quickly being shunned by the community as the style of theirs is quite different from the rest.

So the big questions is now..What’s better? The community or an individual? This is still a question that has been unable to answer as we’ve ran into the pros and cons of both world. Some of the pros of having a community is that one would be unified with everyone else. This is good to note because if someone were to have an opinion, one would either be able to object or accept his or hers opinion. This is clearly what an idea that has originated far back even to the founding fathers of America. One thing that I keep in mind is that the colonies clearly wanted to break away form Britain for their independence. I would say that they were able to build this community where they were able to come together and be able to share their thoughts for an answer. However despite many of the pros there are a few cons. One of the few is that with a community, it may be hard to be accepted into a community and be able to fully feel comfortable especially if you’ve made a mistake.  One prime example that I’ve noticed is in the book that I’ve been reading in my Advance Placement English three class the, “Scarlet Letter”. Though I haven’t finished reading the book, from what I’ve read so far is that Hester the protagonist is accused of adultery and she’s looked down upon for that. What’s ironic to me however is that people still frequently use her works, as she’s considered to be quite the artist when creating clothing with her knitting technique. With this I find that it’s quite hard to be accepted once you’ve messed up and that you’re name is stained with the fault you’ve done. Though you may be forgiven that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s forgotten. There will always be pros and cons…kinda like the yin yang as there will be white and black.

As an individual, you have all the time to yourself. Though group work is usually considered to be the “better” way to go. There are a couple things that I’ve noticed when I explored the idea of working by yourself.  In some cases you might consider working as an individual twice as bette than a group. Some famous people that we widely know such as Albert Einstein. To me he’s a very strong argument of why a individual can overcome the community. Albert Einstein was a thinker who had all these curiosity that he wanted to explore  the ideas such as E=MC2. However we tend to forget to notice that community once rejected his ideas, and if Einstein was fragile then we might’ve not had what we have had today. This is important to take note of is that some people may not be as strong as others and tend  to want in the blend in with the community so that they aren’t judged. However it’s good to know that as an individual can’t receive the opinion and criticism  of others and your work all together may not have been as great as it could be.


2 thoughts on “Community vs. Individual

  1. Recommend to narrow the question down and personalize it into something more specific rather than the broad questions of a community vs. individual . Well stated examples of pros and cons.


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