Class Qualities: Curiosity

Curiosity. What makes someone curious? Well, there are actually many factors that contribute to one’s curiosity. First let’s start with what curiosity actually is. Curiosity is a quality related to inquisitive thinking such as exploration, investigation, and learning. Curiosity can also represent a thirst for knowledge when discussing the emotional background it has. Now let’s get to some of the factors that can cause and or contribute to curiosity. A lot of what curiosity is derived from is just a simple, innate, basic emotion that comes from wanting something. When we want something or want to know something, we become relatively curious. Recent studies have provided insight into the neurological mechanisms that may be associated with curiosity, such as learning, memory and motivation. Three main theories that pertain to the neurological aspects of curiosity is the curiosity-drive model, the optimal arousal model, and the integration of reward pathway. You might ask why I’m blogging about all of this info. The reason is because I have become significantly more curious about the work I’m doing in my publishing house group. Specifically any work that correlates to my job as webmaster. I’ve become very enthralled in making my work be highly acceptable to the public and to my publishing house group. Therefore, my curiosity levels have shot up! Some things that I’ve done outside of class are activities such as: research, looking at multiple high class websites used all around the world, mini-interviews, and also I’ve been working on organization within our group. Some research that I’ve been doing is looking at articles on topics about website management, website design, and general website knowledge. I’ve been looking at things that are sort of necessities to have on a website which I can use when the time comes to actually make a website, but for now all I really need is website management. Looking at high class websites such as,,, and I’ve come to love some of these websites just in a matter of a few weeks because they are so useful and sometimes very fun to be on, especially reddit! ESPN is great because I love to keep up with all the standings in sports because a lot of people my age love sports. This is one recurring factor that is evident in all of the great websites, “keeping up” or being able to view information with ease. All of these websites are examples of these. Type in and boom, you have different articles to look at about world news. Type in any subreddit using and boom you are sent to the “hot” page which is also referred to as the “front page” of that particular subreddit which includes information solely about the topic of the subreddit. This is something I would like to incorporate into our blog, which is sort of already incorporated since we are using which makes viewing blogs very easy. I’ll do this by continuing my research and finding more websites that use this to their advantage. is also very entertaining to be on. It has a social media vibe to it but it’s not considered “social media.” I’m able to view information daily about certain things that I love such as /r leagueoflegends, /r smashbros, /r Nintendo, /r Wii U, /r legendofzelda, and /r funny. I view the first four twice or three times a day and I view the last two maybe three to four times a week. Simpleness is also an area in which I think makes a website beautiful, being able to view info at the click of a button is amazing! I did some mini-interviews regarding websites and what makes them stand out more than others. Many people said they like social media because it keeps them close to friends and is a way to sort of relax. Others said websites that have to do with blogging, which includes tumblr, because they can escape from the world with their writings and some said it’s interesting to read rants or peoples views on current events and such. This just sparked so much curiosity in me wanting to go look at all of these websites that sounded interesting when listening to these responses and I’ve continuously been looking through all of them! So all of this seems like a bit much but I’ve become so curious about websites and cool little touch ups that can be added to them and just anything that makes them intricate is awesome. I put a picture of money because this is one of the most common objects in life that curiosity can find its way to, before you know it your curiosity gets so bad that you walk out of the mall broke!



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