Class Qualities: Assiduousness

I’m going to be completely honest here, working in these publishing house groups aren’t the easiest thing. There is so much to do sometimes and the publishing house is the last thing on your mind. Creating blog posts, making essays, revising essays, having mini group discussions everyday can get pretty tedious. I try to be as assiduous as possible when it comes to times like these because this is a great quality to have. Now this is probably one of the newer qualities I’m trying to apprehend, so sometimes it doesn’t always work out; although I have noticed that everyday is getting a bit easier to complete. Day one, let me tell you man, that was hard. We all sort of got together and mumbled about what we wanted to do in our group for the finishing product and everybody sort of just went off and had their own conversation about League of Legends, or the Humans of New York and other topics. I just kept looking at that clock that day, but last Friday was a breeze! I came into class with a chrome book on my desk ready to go, and I sat down and worked. I worked all the way until the bell rang and once it rang I made an audible “awwww” because work was going so well that day. I was able to persevere through all of the distractions from people outside of my group and I was able to answer my groups questions and concerns quickly and efficiently. Working in a class room filled with groups talking and discussing loudly while having my own group ask me questions while having Ulrich Schnuass being played in the background while trying to listen to what Mr. Z is saying is EXTREMELY difficult and annoying and I sometimes can’t take it. At week two I use to just stop everything I was doing and focus on one thing at a time which lead to little to no work done during class time and I was forced to spend time at home over the weekend to finish what needed to be done on Friday. Now coming along to week four I was able to just go right through everything. Using my collaboration skills along with my assiduousness I just plowed right through everything. I’m just so much better off using assiduousness to my advantage. I’ve started taking skills from English class and applying them to my work at home for tasks such as chores and homework. Of course, I guess that doesn’t really matter because what matters is how I’m using it in class. Anyways, I will keep using assiduousness throughout the year because I feel it really helps keep my body under control and my mind sane when working on publishing house days. I’ll use this quality for other activities too such as revision and annotation. I don’t want to go on and on supplying examples of when I use assiduousness because I think you get the point! I’ve compared myself learning assiduousness to this chemistry book because I dislike chemistry and getting through the book is a daunting task. Studying it makes me cringe and want to set it on fire sometimes, but I’m learning to just relax and persevere through it!



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