The Curb

“This single, lonely curb near a local family-run boba shop was my “bridge,” the place where i was in my element, despite its lackluster features and location in such an empty mini-plaza.”

Writing “The Curb” was difficult for me, personally. I had no idea how to approach the task of writing a descriptive essay, and all I had was “The Bridge” as a reference and my special curb as the subject So I began to connect fingers and keyboard and create words in a structure akin to those of “The Bridge.” Although this first draft felt like my final draft – which I feel is the trend among my essays – there is still room for creativity. To revise my descriptive essay, i could adjust the ratio of “concrete to abstract” to not leave the reader asking more questions than answered. Also, I could find a different or alternative way to structure the essay, whether it be completely changing the format or arranging paragraphs to be less similar to those of “The Bridge.” Continue reading


Community vs. Individual

With a community. Usually it’s structured and the people there have a way of life they follow. When an individual tries to come in and make the change, everyone tends to reject them. As I once heard from my scout leader recently “Everyone wants a change, but no one wants to be the cashier.” This means that everyone may want a change but no one wants to be the one to make it. The video of choice is a very well known song called “Wake Me Up” by Avicii. In this song you’ll see how these two girls are quickly being shunned by the community as the style of theirs is quite different from the rest.

So the big questions is now.. Continue reading

Class Qualities: Curiosity

Curiosity. What makes someone curious? Well, there are actually many factors that contribute to one’s curiosity. First let’s start with what curiosity actually is. Curiosity is a quality related to inquisitive thinking such as exploration, investigation, and learning. Curiosity can also represent a thirst for knowledge when discussing the emotional background it has. Now let’s get to some of the factors that can cause and or contribute to curiosity. A lot of what curiosity is derived from is just a simple, innate, basic emotion that comes from wanting something. When we want something or want to know something, we become relatively curious. Continue reading

Class Qualities: Collaboration

Collaboration has always been a big part of my life and it’s one of my favorite things to do at school also. I’ve been a part of many sporting activities and performing arts and being good at collaborating is a key to success in any group activity. The publishing house project is an example of where collaboration. Let’s look at the individual jobs of each member, shall we. Continue reading

Class Qualities: Assiduousness

I’m going to be completely honest here, working in these publishing house groups aren’t the easiest thing. There is so much to do sometimes and the publishing house is the last thing on your mind. Creating blog posts, making essays, revising essays, having mini group discussions everyday can get pretty tedious. I try to be as assiduous as possible when it comes to times like these because this is a great quality to have. Now this is probably one of the newer qualities I’m trying to apprehend, so sometimes it doesn’t always work out; although I have noticed that everyday is getting a bit easier to complete. Continue reading