Big Red

Hi, I am the webmaster of our group and I was chosen to take this position for multiple reasons. First off, the first Lego I chose was blue, therefore meaning that my first choice of skill would be organization.Our current group leader also chose the blue Lego and we all decided that Edward should do it, and I was completely cool with that! Secondly, I chose the Lego that represented the social media category. Our current leader of social media chose the social media Lego as his first choice, so our group unanimously voted upon Victor being our social media guy. Since I chose these two Legos, we decided that I should be the one to do the webmaster job because it is sort of a blend of the two, so I said, “Sure, why not?” I believe that I will do a great job at being the groups webmaster because I’ve worked with some of my friends website’s before and I’m always on the internet so this stuff isn’t new to me at all! The people that I look up to, in terms of being a webmaster, are people that make really intricate and creative new website designs and people that make websites in which they are really smooth and functional. I hope to really spruce up our blog here and make it a really nice place to look at when someone else is viewing our blog. Making things look nice is sort of a hobby of mine. I guess you could say I enjoy designing things because I’m always thinking about how things can look better. The only thing I don’t like designing is clothes. Just thinking about all the little touch-ups that can be done here and there along the road just really spark my interests so I’m glad that I was chosen to be the webmaster and I look forward to having a great year with my publishing house group. Here is a picture of me.

Tanner Mindrum


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