Lego Team

When we first got into our groups, in some way we’ve affiliated ourselves already prior. When discussing our roles, we all basically picked the same colors which forced us to assign roles. Now I ended up picking the role of handling the social media. This was due to my interest in the frequency of how much I post compared to the others. We all knew our strengths and our “not so enjoyable” task, so we decided to have the roles picked and moved on. The point of having everyone assigned a specific role is to be able to divide work easily. If everyone is working on one thing, the progress would just be too slow. This is why I think it was a pretty good idea to have a designated person to be able to focus on one thing.

Though we haven’t actually don’t know where we want to go with our group project, we decided to wait till further explanation. I see this as a perfect opportunity for us to not only improve on our writing, but to explore new ways to create such masterpieces.

Personally from prior experience there are some things that I hope to fix from running a blog. First is being able to be consistent with the post. Being able to post contently weekly is rather harder than it seems, and with about three Advance placement classes is a bit harder to find the time. Secondly is being able to come up with things to write about. I always tend to find myself lost in what I wanna talk about, which leaves me pondering for hours on what to talk about. Lastly is making sure that everyone is able to do their fair share of work. I’d say one of the biggest problems I had with the blogs was everybody doing work. With a team we tend to slack off and hope another member is able to pick up  the slack. I for one was definitely one of them, but I hope that this year everyone stays on top of their work. Thanks again and be sure to catch me or any of us on our next post!



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