Our Start

At the beginning of class, we were all told to form a group of around four to six students that we would be working with for many months to come. We all felt pretty good about our group, considering that we all knew each other or knew of each other in some form or another. I’ve known Edward and Bryan since elementary school, Tanner is in band with me, and I’ve had a few classes with Victor in the past. Continuing on, we found ourselves in a bit of a quandary when deciding our group roles, considering nearly all of us chose the same Lego block colors, white and blue. White stood for the technologically savvy, and blue stood for organizationally proficient.  We ended up selecting me as the documentarian, and the rest of the group decided among themselves who would set up which social media sites and what not. I was chosen to be the documentarian because out of all of us, I appeared to be the best at using words in a flowing way, although it can be argued that they just didn’t want to take the role.

When looking at the project as a whole, we decided how we were going to generally go about doing things. It was decided that I would generally handle piecing together the various writings completed by each of the group members into a more collective state. This meant that the group members would be working both individually and together to accomplish tasks. A few days later, we came up with a blog schedule: a bi-weekly schedule of posts on Monday and either Thursday or Friday. As I write this blog today, I can only anticipate the fantastic and fun group work that we will be completing in the future for Mr. Ziebarth’s second period English class.

– Bryan Clements

First Group Picture

The first glimpse at “The Librarians”


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